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The Raven Society Series

The Raven Society features witches around the world and the different paranormal hotties they pair up with. Magic, mystery, danger, and always an HEA. Second-chance, enemies-to-lovers, very steamy paranormal romance. Author note: each book features a different couple, so they don't have to be read in order, though they are strongly interconnected so it's recommended. Characters from the early books have cameos in the later books, and there's a connected overall plot between the books.

Content warning: explicit, smoking-hot sex scenes, naughty language, and a dragon’s lair full of danger and secrets! Intended for mature audiences.

Available on Kindle Unlimited!

HOT HEX, Book One

“Just when you think it can't get any hotter, Grey sets a freaking blazing inferno! Seriously, read this series.” 5 Star Review

I find out my aunt’s been murdered a week after I divorce my cheating ex.

I’m the sole inheritor of her vast estate…and that means taking her place in the Raven Society, an international coven of witches. Which is pretty shocking considering I didn’t even know magic existed.

And my aunt was just the beginning… the witches are now being picked off one by one. Xander Cole, the gorgeous, brooding dragon shifter in town, seems to know something about the killings.

The problem is, he hates witches and vowed centuries ago to destroy my coven. Fate seems to keep drawing us together, but he’s the last person I should trust. He’s clearly dangerous, but I can only fight my dark desires for so long…

Is Xander my savior, or my downfall?

"A fantastic first book in this steamy paranormal romance series." 5 Star Review

“Love this series!” 5 Star Review

“An amazing paranormal romance…I loved it!” 5 Star Review

“The spice between Rowan and Xander is hot...” 5 Star Review

“This is the 1st book I've read written by Aurora Grey; I can’t wait to read more of her books...” 5 Star Review

HEX on the beach, Book TWO

She’s a witch trying to escape her dark past. A lust demon is the last thing she needs in her life…

Ven fled Raven’s Roost to get away from bad memories—a toxic relationship and a harrowing near-death experience with a demon. The warm breezes of Costa Rica seem the perfect place to forget it all… until her friend Luciana goes missing.

She’ll do anything to find her friend, and that means working with cocky playboy and supernatural tracker Ryder. Who just so happens to be a lust demon. She can’t very well forget the past when she’s got another demon to contend with.

Ryder likes his relationships hot, fast, and temporary, and he’s got a century of one-night stands under his belt. But Ven doesn’t fall for his magic like everyone else. She’s gorgeous and powerful, and risks tearing down the walls he built around his heart long ago.

Which makes it very inconvenient when a spell misfires and they end up trapped in a magical orb that prevents them from moving more than three feet away from each other. Ryder’s always liked a challenge, but this is pushing even his limits…

To make matters worse, what seems to be a simple missing person case is far more sinister. Ven and Ryder find themselves up against one of the most powerful supernatural crime organizations in the world. If they can’t learn to work together fast, it’s more than their hearts on the line.


She’s a witch who gave up her magic and her chance at love long ago. He’s the warlock wolf shifter who loved her… and this time, he’s not letting her go.

Tamsin MacPherson fled her home in Scotland, and her first love, after her parents died. She built a new life for herself as a doctor in Manhattan and never looked back. But when her sister is turned into a demon by a sinister criminal organization, Tamsin takes her to the Highlands to hide.

Back home at their family estate, Tamsin works furiously to develop a cure for her sister. Facing her ex is the last thing she wants, and a distraction she can’t afford. To make matters worse, seeing him is making the magic she bound long ago come back, more wild and unpredictable than ever.

Blake Blackstock told himself he’d moved on after Tamsin left Scotland two decades before. But the second she walks back into his life, he knows he’s been lying to himself. He’s never loved anyone since her, and he’s going to make sure she regrets her decision all those years ago. And revenge is best served in the bedroom.

Blake has other things to contend with first, however. Danger has followed his love back to their home, and he’ll have to use the full power of his warlock dire wolf clan to protect her. He lost her once, and nothing is going to tear them apart this time.

Because everyone knows it’s pure folly to stand between a wolf and his mate.


She’s a witch and a fiercely independent single mom. He’s a Viking dragon shifter bodyguard honor-bound to protect her… even if it’s the last thing she wants.

When the Raven Society sends Viking dragon shifter Erik to watch over Astrid, a witch living in Norway with her seven-year-old daughter, he isn’t prepared for the greeting he receives. Astrid doesn’t want help from anyone, and she isn’t afraid to let him know.

Erik’s been running private security for decades, and he’s never let emotions get in the way of his duty. But Astrid stirs something inside him that he’s never felt before. Falling for her isn’t part of the plan, and it jeopardizes his ability to do his job. The harder he fights, however, the more firmly the feisty witch and her daughter wedge their way into his heart.

Astrid has no intention of letting the burly, tattooed bodyguard into her life, but when the Night Guild, a dangerous supernatural criminal organization, makes a play for her, she begrudgingly realizes that she needs to work with Erik. Because the sooner she can get the Night Guild off her tail, the sooner she’ll get rid of the bodyguard. It doesn’t help that Erik is devastatingly hot and threatens to melt through the lock she put around her heart years ago.

But the Night Guild isn’t giving up so easily… and when Astrid and Erik discover the truth behind their attacks, it could destroy everything, including their chance at love.

Revenge HEX, Book fIVE

A witch out for blood… The demon who stands in her way…

The Night Guild changed my life forever. They turned me into a witch-demon hybrid and put me in a coma during which I spent an eternity in Hell. Now nightmares plague my existence, and my magic has become wild and unpredictable.

The Guild is holding a meeting at the Inferni Paradisi winery soon, and every single one of its leaders will be under one roof. I’ve gone undercover so I can ensure an end to the Guild once and for all.

My primary target is Sebastian Black, the brother of one of the Guild’s top demons. He’s the owner of the winery, and if I can get close to him, I’ll have access to the meeting. And I’m going to burn every last one of those heartless monsters to the ground.

The closer I get to Sebastian, however, the more I begin to wonder if there’s more to the ruthless demon than meets the eye. Is he the villain everyone says he is? This isn’t the time to catch feelings…

Because heart be damned, I’m not going to stop until the Night Guild is gone forever.

I’ll do anything - absolutely anything - to have my revenge.

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